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Jean D'Arcel

Over 55 Years of Experience,

Competence and Success!

For years, family-owned company JEAN D'ARCEL Cosmetique has stood for high quality, effective skin care and partnership-based

co-operation with skin care specialists.

Today, the JEAN D'ARCEL products are available

in more than 40 countries. 

JEAN D'ARCEL's high level of product tolerability and application safety are important key elements of the development work. Before the products are made available in institutes and Spas, they are subjected to extensive cosmetological and dermatological tests.

Products never have, and never will be tested to animals.

With its exclusive treatment and product concepts, JEAN D'ARCEL offers a varied product range which is available only in cosmetic institutes, Spas, and Medical clinics. The full range encompasses professional beauty concepts for professional cosmetic services with high quality care products for women and men, decorative cosmetics, and

extensive body care range.

JEAN D'ARCEL creates perspectives and is characterized by:

  • Stringent Quality control

  • Innovative research and development

  • Careful selection of raw material

  • High production standards

  • Exclusive sales channel

  • Intensive training courses

  • No animal testing 

  • Paraben-Free

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